Thornville United Methodist Church
Thursday, May 26, 2022




                             Pastor Jeremy Shank                           

I grew up in the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in my Hometown
of Shelby, Ohio. After high school I followed a friend across town to the
Church of the Nazarene. I began school at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
in 1993 and took my first and only Nazarene congregation in 1997.
I met my wife in 1999. She was raised United Methodist and so the inevitable
happened. After a few years of praying and contemplating I became a
United Methodist in 2003. After basically starting  the processes of
becoming a pastor all over again, I finally got my Local Pastors License
in June of 2006. I began the Course of Study for Local Pastors in Jan 2007 and
graduated from the COS in the fall of 2014.
In July 2012 I was given an amazing opportunity to come to Thornville.
I have entered into my tenth year with the Thornville church.
I have a wonderful wife, Melissa, and 2 great kids, Gabriella and Caleb.
I have two of the best in-laws (outlaws) you could ask for.
You can reach me by email at or on
You can view out weekly services LIVE through the Facebook app on my page.