Thornville United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Willing Servants

Leadership Team

The Thornville United Methodist Church has made a change in it's leadership and decision making style.
We have transitioned from a traditional Ad Board approach to church government into a Leadership Team model.
This new approach eliminates the need for side committees within the church as the Leadership Team
handles all decisions being made. Instead of those committee meetings, the Team serves as the committee for each
area where we now have representatives in place.
The only committee we have chosen to hold on to is the Staff/Pastor Parish committee.
The chair person from that group reports to the Leadership Team.

Leadership Team Coordinator
Amy Queen

Lay Leader

Mike Porter

Pastor Parish Chair 

Ray Higdon

Trustees Representative

Annabelle Currence

Finance Chair

Loretta Mertens

Church Treasurer

Susan Hibbler

Church Financial Secretary
Leadership Team Secretary

Tammy Whitacre

Worship Representative

Sharon Mason

Missions Representative

Dorothy Platkowski
Not reporting to the Leadership Team
Congregational Care
on the front line - Jennifer Rickey, Sharon Mason
(bereavement meals, funeral dinners and other needs)